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The accidental government data portal

The accidental government data portal I’ve fallen into a dream project that gets me paid to play with numbers and it’s turning into an interesting template for using open data to create both commercial and public value. I’m currently working

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Bath accident blackspots 1996-2013

My pal Mark spent a lot of time compiling data on road traffic accidents in Bath and turned it into this mesmerising timelapse map. In not untypical developer fashion, he then plonked it on the Interweb, sent a tweet and

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Is that a car park in your pocket?

My wife has a high bar for things that can genuinely be called useful. Bath: Hacked has finally managed to impress her. I love open data and bang on a lot about it – it’ll change the world, right? Unfortunately

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Open data mission complete

The first 12 months for Bath: Hacked have been incredible. It’s time to take a little breather. It’s less than a year since I first posted about our little open data group in Bath and I’m proud to say our

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How collaboration made history in Bath

Bath: Hacked has brought the city’s historic maps to life with a combination of pure geekery, hard work and openness. It’s even more remarkable for the fact that nobody worked together. This is a story that deserves to be told

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Exciting times for toilets

I shipped a location-aware HTML5 app that helps people pee. You should be impressed. BANES council just released data on the 18 public toilets that adorn our area as part of a government breakthrough fund. I was itching to use

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Saving the world with Laravel & Cron

Open data can warn people when it’s too late to save their homes from an earthquake. I made it work in Bath, here’s how to protect your town. The spec: To create an alert system that detects significant earthquakes reported

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We made a city data store

Open data only works when it’s accessible, so which data platform do you choose? Having had some success getting our local council to open up some data and help us organise our first event for Bath: Hacked, it quickly became

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What is Bath: Hacked?

It looks like Bath has an open data initiative. Nobody is more shocked than me. A few weeks ago the open data group I got involved with held its first hack and despite my initial nerves, I’m delighted to say

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