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Thinking Differently About Data

In late 2015, the City of Philadelphia released some very important information as open data. Continue reading on Medium »

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The accidental government data portal

The accidental government data portal I’ve fallen into a dream project that gets me paid to play with numbers and it’s turning into an interesting template for using open data to create both commercial and public value. I’m currently working

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This startup combs through city data to get property buyers a better deal

Matt Einheber speaks the language of land records. Einheber, 39, of Center City, has been running a title insurance company for the last decade, so he’s a pro at decoding that kind of city data, like insurance commitments for a

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ODI: Over £40m* value unlocked worldwide

The Open Data Institute (ODI) has announced that the total value it has helped unlock to the open data ecosystem has exceeded £40m in the three years since it opened. This includes direct income, grants and competition funding, incubated ODI

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Open Data, Better Cities

What Works Cities, a new $42 million initiative, will help cities use data to improve performance and policy. Anne Kim | Republic 3.0 In San Francisco, foodies seeking adventure (but not food poisoning) can see health inspection scores along with

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How suitable is Environment Agency’s flood data for identifying individual properties at risk?

Post: 18 January 2015 A week ago I wrote about Environment Agency’s Risk of Flooding from Rivers and Sea (RoFRS) dataset, which has recently been released as open data. Since then Shoothill have launched a new website based on the

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Improving data content: Help-to-Buy statistics

We’re conscious that OpenDataCommunities has implications not just for you as users of our data, but also for us as publishers of official statistics. So in a pioneering move, from 1st August 2014, we’ve been publishing DCLG’s official statistics on

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New Build Property sales and Flood Risk/Warning areas

Two interesting developments in the open and LinkedData worlds have grabbed my attention in past couple of months. In February, the Floodhack event generated lots of great ideas for new apps to help flood relief, and some data from Environment Agency.  In

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