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BI Case Study: Building an Open Data Portal

This article was written by Paul Murphy, IT Program Leader at Co-operatives UK, about his experience using business intelligence technology to centralize years of messy historical data and create an open, explorable web portal. Do you have an interesting business

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DKAN Topics feature focus data and reflect citizen interests 

Read our full release notes on our public GitHub repo and learn about other new features in the latest release, including DKAN Workflow and DKAN Datastore enhancements. In the latest version of DKAN, we’ve added a feature called Topics. We

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Top 20 Open Data sources

Data is everywhere, created and used by just about anyone. The days when companies or individuals have to pay significant sums of money to access useful and interesting datasets is long gone. Here is our top 20 list of the

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Ignore the Bat Caves and Marketplaces: lets talk about Zoning

Cities are increasingly the place where interesting work is happening within the broader open data community. Cities, of any size, have a well defined area of influence, a ready made community and are becoming instrumented with sensors. The latter is

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The accidental government data portal

The accidental government data portal I’ve fallen into a dream project that gets me paid to play with numbers and it’s turning into an interesting template for using open data to create both commercial and public value. I’m currently working

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20 resources for finding and using data in stories

Marianne Bouchart, communications director and Data Journalism Award Manager at the Global Editors Network, shares her list of tools and tips for sourcing data online

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Finding open data for the Netherlands

Open data is  becoming increasingly important and there are considerable advantages, such as accountability, cost and time savings for users, easier knowledge sharing and increased efficiency in publi…

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Open Data Soft Makes Huge List of Open Data Portals

Niiiiiiiice. From Open Data Soft: HOW WE PUT TOGETHER A LIST OF 1600+ OPEN DATA PORTALS AROUND THE WORLD FOR THE OPEN DATA COMMUNITY. “So, after the tasty map of French cheese, the state of Open Data in 2014 and

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EC brings pan-European open data together on European Data Portal

On November 16, the European Commission launched the European Data Portal, which will serve as a central gateway to data published by administrations in countries across Europe, from the EU and beyond. Currently over 240,000 datasets from 34 European countries

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Looking for Open Data from a different country? Try the European Data portal

The European Data Portal project main work streams is the development of a new pan-European open data infrastructure. Its goal is to be a gateway offering access to data published by administrations in countries across Europe, from the EU and

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