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DKAN Topics feature focus data and reflect citizen interests 

Read our full release notes on our public GitHub repo and learn about other new features in the latest release, including DKAN Workflow and DKAN Datastore enhancements. In the latest version of DKAN, we’ve added a feature called Topics. We

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Driving Open Data’s Value and Innovation’s Influence in California

Recently I had the pleasure of addressing Open Data Fest III in Sacramento, CA an awesome gathering of data contributors and enthusiasts out west that are to advancing the agenda of using the state’s data for positive impacts. California has

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Demand-Driven Open Data: How to get the health data you need

In the article Identifying and Harnessing Demand to Drive Open Data (on the IDEA Lab blog), we examined the origins and purpose of Demand-Driven Open Data (DDOD).

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The Second Must, part I: Open Technology in Government

In my last post I discussed Digital Cloud – the first “Must” of the new Digital Experience Government. I explained how by leveraging a true digital cloud platform, organizations gain tremendous freedom to focus resources away from operations and maintenance,

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