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Using open data for insights into Australian-registered charities

Rosie Williams of OpenAus recently released her latest open data project, Open Charities, to provide insight into the financials of Australian charities. The service integrates the available open data from 53,000 registered Australian charities in a way never done before, allowing

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INASP launches Open Access Week competition

INDUSTRY TRENDS 18 August 2015 Tweet INASP has launched in Open Access Week Competition for 2015. The competition is open to representatives of institutions and organisations from INASP partner or network countries. This year, Open Access Week will take place

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Youth homelessness 3 times official figures

Homelessness among young people is three times higher than government figures suggest, according to a major study by University of Cambridge housing experts.This does not include the one in five youngsters who ‘sofa surf’ – a hidden homelessness in the

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Detail Data project to help charities create value by using Open Data

The Detail Data project aims to help charities develop their ability to use Open Data to effectively create and enhance social, economic and environmental value. As part of the project, the DetailData Portal, a publicly accessible data catalogue (built on DKAN) for Open Data from a

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Open Data and the voluntary sector, revisited

Home › This is VCSSCamp › Open Data and the voluntary sector, revisited Open Data and the voluntary sector, revisited Posted on May 22, 2015 by PRBham — Leave a comment PRBham: A post about Open Data and the voluntary sector from

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Reimagining an App to Feed the Hungry

When people ask me what we do at APPCityLife, I usually give them the 30-second elevator description: we are making it possible for people anywhere in the world to use our platform and open data information to create solutions and

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Donate something edible

Visit the Edible Giving website and you can tell it what sort of food you have to donate (fresh or unopened non-perishable items) and then it will show you all the relevant locations on a map. If you are in

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Talking Open Data at #VCSSCamp

I attended #VCSSCAMP – for people from VCS Local Infrastructure Organisations across the country to meet [that’s CVSs and Volunteer Centres etc] and what a bunch of enthusiastic people they are. I was reminded by Nick Booth of just how

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Data, data everywhere…

360Giving wants to free up 80% of the UK’s grants by value as open data.  So we need to encompass the biggest grant makers. We were delighted to work closely with BIG Lottery officers and recently their Chief Executive Dawn

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