Household Projections detailed data – not open (and DCLG isn’t sure why)

Post: 13 February 2016 Household figures for local authority districts in England are derived by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) from a household projections model that uses sub-national population figures from ONS. The counts of households are disaggregated

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New Deprivation Data and Apps for OpenDataCommunities

At the end of September, DCLG published the new 2015 Indices of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) on the PublishMyData-powered OpenDataCommunities.org. This is one of the most widely used government datasets, so we’re really excited to help make it available in a

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Youth homelessness 3 times official figures

Homelessness among young people is three times higher than government figures suggest, according to a major study by University of Cambridge housing experts.This does not include the one in five youngsters who ‘sofa surf’ – a hidden homelessness in the

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Ceremonial and Historic county boundary data added to OS OpenData

For 224 years OS has been mapping the changing physical landscape of Great Britain. However it is not only the landscape which has changed, Great Britain’s county boundaries have also changed over the last two centuries. As part of a

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Local authority open data dashboard aims to spark disparity debate

An app to collate “pockets of best practice” around the publication of open data sets for local authorities to add their own data, incorporate data into their own website or software and reduce Freedom of Information requests has gone live.

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Open Data: Goin’ local, down in….wherever you live….

This post introduces my new demonstration “Local Data Discovery” dashboard, explaining my rationale and motivation for developing it. I had the pleasure of attending an event on 24 March hosted by Francis Maude, to celebrate the fantastic work by Local Authorities

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Opening-up Council Tax statistics

DCLG has been publishing council tax data at parish level since 2013-14. As part of opening-up the Department’s data, we wanted to make our council tax statistics more accessible. So we have now released data for all English billing authorities

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What does Open Data mean for Leeds?

Published on behalf of Sandip Ghattaure, Leeds Data Mill With decreasing resources and funds, we have to evolve. Publishing data on a shared platform for an army of developers and analysts to tap into is one way of being open,

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New map feature for statistical datasets

We have just released a new feature for our dataset pages: a thematic map or ‘choropleth‘, illustrating how the data varies across geographical regions. This is part of our ongoing commitment to improving access to and understanding of our data.

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DCLG opens up digital geography as web and linked data services

Published on behalf of Simon Roberts We know that you, our users, prefer our data when it can be easily visualised and mapped – our deprivation and wellbeing mappers are consistently the most popular pages on OpenDataCommunities. We have therefore

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