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Ignore the Bat Caves and Marketplaces: lets talk about Zoning

Cities are increasingly the place where interesting work is happening within the broader open data community. Cities, of any size, have a well defined area of influence, a ready made community and are becoming instrumented with sensors. The latter is

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Open Migration: Using Data To Understand The Refugee Crisis

The refugee crisis represents a challenge to journalism across Europe. It has forced newsrooms to question how they report such a complex phenomenon in a balanced way, without reinforcing easy stereotypes and without appearing to dehumanise refugees. The Italian Coalition

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Birmingham’s Rubbish

Birmingham City Council recently announced that they would be “opening up the council’s vast amounts of data, so members of the public can judge our performance.” Their first offering is a “a dashboard that outlines how well each ward is

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How Solomon Dashboard wants to help reporters work with data about their local patch

Credit: By Alex Liivet on Flickr. Some rights reserved. “I have always been of a mind that data can be very elitist and that you’ve got to be quite technical to understand it,” So Mark Barrett, director at Hebe Works,

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Open source as a tool of cultural change

If you haven’t heard of 18F, it’s time to get them on your radar. 18F is a digital consultancy in an independent agency, a startup within the General Services Administration (GSA), and a major advocate for open source and open

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Hey, Big Spender – Using linked data to inform the management of public funding

Hey, Big Spender – Using linked data to inform the management of public funding   Here at AAM Associates we’re exploring how various data sources and approaches can be used to drive social impact. Earlier in the summer we supported a

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The 4 new essential data management tools for humanitarian work

Information on affected population were kept in logbooks at the local level. I started working on first response to national disasters in 2009, when the Typhoon Ondoy struck the Philippines. Then, organizations and government officials had to collect data by making phone

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Ireland’s Hospital Waiting List

Here is the live interactive Dashboard showing the Patients Waiting times per Specialties for each Hospital in Ireland. It gives a better understanding over the Irish Health system and can definitely help patient management before and after enrolling for their procedure. Imagine having

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Storytellers of Leeds help shape Leeds City Dashboard

Mention ‘open data’ to most people and, if it means anything at all, surveillance, security, technology, calculators spring to mind. Open data is in fact a massive well of published information that we’re only just starting to explore the possibilities

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Key Takeaways From San Francisco’s Updated Open Data Strategy

The City by the Bay continues to expand its open data portal while looking for new ways to get residents to utilize it.

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