OpenDataMonitor gathers over 500 open data resources

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From the beginning of the open data movement, proponents of the cause have been gathering evidence to demonstrate the economic, social and environmental value of open data. The OpenDataMonitor project has gathered a comprehensive, baseline collection of key resources, but we need your help to make it better.

The main output of the project is the platform, which launched in alpha in February, and provides an overview of open data deployment across Europe. The dashboards on the platform guide entrepreneurs looking for reusable datasets; help policymakers to understand how cities, regions and countries are harnessing the benefits of open data; and offer researchers insight into open data publishing patterns. It also aims to raise the standard of European open data by shining a light on specific metrics, such as the percentage of datasets with open licenses.

As part of the project’s research, we have been gathering articles, blogposts, reports, catalogues, publishing platforms and APIs demonstrating open data and its impacts. We want this collection to help all those who are using or producing open data in their work and research. We see it as a ‘toolkit’ for those new to open data and experts alike.

Evidence on the reach and impact of open data is already being curated. The Open Data Research Network have published their bibliography, a collection of academic literature which details the creation, supply, use and impacts of open data. Open Knowledge publish a collection of known data portals. from across the world.

The Sunlight Foundation recently released their study in the social impact of open data which includes a crowdsourced collection of over 100 examples of the outputs, outcomes and impacts of open data and digital technology projects.
Our research complements these resources; the collection provides additional materials for those who want to understand more about open data. It also gives details about open data portals and the publishing infrastructure that powers them.

This collection is for anyone and everyone to use, add to and share.

These resources will be living documents for the open data community, continuously updated and reused wherever possible. We have decided to make the list as comprehensive as possible and so are not applying strict criteria that might limit entries. We want anyone to be able to contribute resources that they have found useful in their open data journey.

To make these resources as helpful as possible, we need your support. Please edit directly into the document, or contact us at

You can find out more about the OpenDataMonitor project, its research and publications by visiting the project website.

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