ODI and Nesta claim open data success

Analysis by PwC shows five to tenfold return on investment for seven projects in Challenge Series A series of open data projects have provided evidence of the potential value to the UK economy, according to a report published today by

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Investment in Open Data Challenge Series could see 10-fold return to UK economy over 3 years

A new report released today (28th October) by the Open Data Institute (ODI) and Nesta provides evidence for the first time of how open data could strengthen the UK economy. The report is being launched at the Open Government Partnership

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Food and data – informed or overwhelmed?

The nature of modern life is that data is everywhere – visible and hidden, structured and unstructured. Data about food is no exception. From high-tech GPS-enabled tractors, to supermarket distribution and shopping loyalty cards, data is created and used all

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Innovating with open data: overcoming the challenges

ODI Programme Manager Briony Phillips outlines some of the challenges and trickier aspects of innovating with open data, and suggests ways to overcome them. The experiences of the Open Data Challenge Series teams have helped unpick and illustrate a number

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Local Open Data Ecosystem Map

Nesta, an independent innovation charity which offers funding to increase the innovation capacity in UK, published the article  Local Open Data Ecosystem – A Prototype Map last week, which illustrates how successful Local Authorities across England are at opening up

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Reflections on innovation powered by open data

ODI Programme Manager Briony Phillips reflects on the innovation she seen during her time managing the Open Data Challenge Series, and calls for more of the same. Just as some don’t know that their cosmetics are made from oil, some

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Local open data ecosystems – a prototype map

It is increasingly recognised that some of the most important open data is published by local authorities (LAs) – data which is important to us like bin collection days, planning applications and even where your local public toilet is. Also

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We Don’t All Need to be Geeks, Everyone Just Needs to be Geekier!

At the end of its season of seven challenges to create social good out of open data, Nesta, the charity that encourages and funds innovation, has some interesting insights to share. Perhaps the most significant I heard is that in

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Open Data Award 2015 winners announced

MedicinesThe second edition of the Open Data Awards, promoted by the Open Data Institute, held its award ceremony on July 9 at Bloomberg’s London offices on Finsbury Square, with the participation of ODI Founders Sirs Tim Berners-Lee and Nigel Shadbolt. As part of the ceremony

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Open Data tool to help Arts and Heritage reach communities

Culture Everywhere helps organisations engage communities Culture Everywhere wins Nesta and ODI’s Heritage and Culture Open Data Challenge. The new platform uses open data to help organisations support and engage communities An online platform that helps arts and heritage organisations

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