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ODI and Nesta claim open data success

Analysis by PwC shows five to tenfold return on investment for seven projects in Challenge Series A series of open data projects have provided evidence of the potential value to the UK economy, according to a report published today by

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Investment in Open Data Challenge Series could see 10-fold return to UK economy over 3 years

A new report released today (28th October) by the Open Data Institute (ODI) and Nesta provides evidence for the first time of how open data could strengthen the UK economy. The report is being launched at the Open Government Partnership

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A call to arms ! Cities should invest in Civic Tech Accelerators & Marketplaces !

Traditionally there is only one reason for the public sector to invest in projects, we call it market failure and basically means two things: (i) it is not happening, the market doesn’t provide it naturally and/or (ii) the benefits of

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