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Better local government through open data

Local government is under financial siege. Can we make the case for more open data by helping them get more done with less?

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FSA publishes local authority food law enforcement information

The FSA has today published official statistics on food law enforcement by local authorities across the UK for the year 2015/16. The information provided by local authorities and compiled by the FSA, gives a detailed breakdown of enforcement activity across

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Building an open datastore for every local authority in the UK

Using open data can be challenging, and especially for new users or those with limited analytical resources. It can be difficult to find what data are available, the formats can be confusing (or in some cases not that open!), and

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Councils explore options for online mapping tools

All parts of the public sector in Great Britain have free access to a wide range of services from the government-owned mapping agency Ordnance Survey (OS), through the Public Sector Mapping Agreement in England and Wales or the One Scotland

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Local Open Data Ecosystem Map

Nesta, an independent innovation charity which offers funding to increase the innovation capacity in UK, published the article  Local Open Data Ecosystem – A Prototype Map last week, which illustrates how successful Local Authorities across England are at opening up

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OpenGov Voices: Now is the time for open data in Mesa

In local government, we are passionate about the “local” part of our government mission – being the first responder, the first line of direct service to our resident and sometimes the first source of information. With more information in our

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Demonstrator: using open data to understand trends in social care

Beyond Caring? The South and the collapse of Adult Social Care ODI Hampshire’s partner organisation, the Southern Policy Centre, has produced a report on trends in adult social care within southern England using open data methods. Using data reported nationally,

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Local open data ecosystems – a prototype map

It is increasingly recognised that some of the most important open data is published by local authorities (LAs) – data which is important to us like bin collection days, planning applications and even where your local public toilet is. Also

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Guest post: 6 top tips for building a smart city with data

By Dr Julia Glidden and Susie Ruston McAleer How do you make open data an achievable reality for every city, regardless of its size or budget? Technology hub Issy-les-Moulineaux, Paris, opened over 75 datasets and created new apps, following open

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UK Authorities Build Deferred Payments API for Residential Care

Eric Carter, Contributing Writer, Dartsand May. 08 2015, 02:08PM EDT Eight local authorities in the U.K. have partnered to build and release an API designed to help people calculate the cost of residential care. The Deferred Payment Agreement (DPA) Calculator API is

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