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Data Story: Would you like to know where care homes are located for those aged 65+ in Cambridgeshire and how far are they from the essential services?

Specialist housing for the elderly (residential and nursing homes) is intended to enable people to live independently. Such accommodation should be provided across the County, as opposed to being concentrated in certain areas, to help enable people to remain in

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Open data at the local level can help to create a new eco-system of openness and activism

In 2010, the Government began pushing for local authorities in England to release information on public spending over a certain threshold – in this case £500. Ben Worthy argues that although reform is needed to maximise the potential of this

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Open data has major impact at the local level – new research

Michael Cañares, Open Data Lab Jakarta’s Regional Research Manager for Asia, writes on why his latest research as part of our Open Data in Developing Countries Phase 2 underlines the need for greater involvement of local governments in open data

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Local open data ecosystems – a prototype map

It is increasingly recognised that some of the most important open data is published by local authorities (LAs) – data which is important to us like bin collection days, planning applications and even where your local public toilet is. Also

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Five ways for states to make the most of open data

Mariko Davidson serves as an Innovation Fellow for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts where she works on all things open data. These opinions are her own. You can follow her @rikohi. States struggle to define their role in the open data

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5 tips for Open Data at a local level

Tuesday was our Local Open Data event. We had great speakers; fab attendees and lots of discussion about the good stuff going on with Open Data from Inverness to Hampshire. We learnt loads, but here’s a selection of the top

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Local Open Data Event: New Speakers Announced and More Tickets Released

We’re pleased to announce that Lucy Knight and Lucille Brown have joined our list of speakers at Local Open Data: Reaping the Benefits. And if you haven’t bagged a ticket to the event yet then you can now; the second

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Swirrl Local Open Data Event – More Speakers Announced and Early Bird Tickets released!

Local Open Data: Reaping the Benefits is getting closer and we’re delighted to announce the first release of tickets – get them while they’re hot! We’re also really pleased to announce more great speakers who’ll be sharing their experience and

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Local Open Data Event: First speakers announced

On 21st April 2015, we’ll be hosting Local Open Data: Reaping the Benefits – a one day event at Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry. It’s aim is to bring together people working with, or interested in, data at a

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Local Open Data Event: 21st of April, 2015

We’re happy to announce that on 21st of April, 2015 we’ll be organising and sponsoring an event about local open data at MOSI, the Museum of Science and Industry, in Manchester. The event will be relevant to open data from

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