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ODI and Nesta claim open data success

Analysis by PwC shows five to tenfold return on investment for seven projects in Challenge Series A series of open data projects have provided evidence of the potential value to the UK economy, according to a report published today by

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Investment in Open Data Challenge Series could see 10-fold return to UK economy over 3 years

A new report released today (28th October) by the Open Data Institute (ODI) and Nesta provides evidence for the first time of how open data could strengthen the UK economy. The report is being launched at the Open Government Partnership

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How The Semantic Web Can Boost Africa’s Fortunes

In recent years we’ve seen Facebook go public with a $100 billion valuation and General Motors, formerly the world’s biggest company, go effectively bankrupt and need to be bailed out. And hot digital properties like Instagram , SnapChat and WhatsApp

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Open Data: A 21st Century Asset for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

The economic and social potential of open data is widely acknowledged. In particular, the business opportunities have received much attention. But for all the excitement, we still know very little about how and under what conditions open data really works.

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Top 10 Ideas From OuiShare 2015 on The New Sharing Economy [VIDEOS]

1. Nick Grossman: Bringing Collaborative Platforms to Market [embedded content] Nick Grossman works at the intersection of web platforms and public issues. Currently with Union Square Ventures in New York City, he previously worked for a nonprofit incubator for open source

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All About Addis: Progress and Projections for FFD3

This week, all eyes are on Addis Ababa as world leaders attempt to agree on a way to finance development for the next 15 years. The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) estimated that if the world wants

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Open Data and Supply Chain Managment

I recently went to the extraordinarily engaging event that was the Beyond the Smart City Conference at the Met Office; organised by the three musketeers of ODI Devon – @mistergough (Simon Gough), @jargonautical (Lucy Knight) and @MartinHowitt (errr… Martin Howitt). This

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Open data and rent-seeking economies

Yesterday, I was introduced to a concept I hadn’t heard of before – rent seeking behaviour.  Its an economics term that essentially means that instead of investing time developing things that you can sell, you spend all your money making

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Perfect Storm Brewing as Open Data and Data Inflation Collide

IT lawyers used to be  primarily concerned with issues of intellectual property and software licensing. Now data is rapidly becoming the new currency of the digital economy and related rights and access are coming under close scrutiny. At exactly the

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The cost of unlocking economic potential from core reference data

Dismantling trading funds and redistributing datasets is costly but will government see the long-term economic benefits? It may be some time before we have the government’s response to Stephan Shakespeare’s review of public sector information. But let us suppose the

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