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ODI cooks up new focus on agriculture and nutrition

With over 7 billion mouths to feed and a food retail industry worth $4 trillion a year, we are exploring how open data can make our global food system more efficient, from farm to fork Up-to-date information and insights are

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Wholesale Government: Open Data and APIs

We understand the temptation for the federal government to focus primarily on the “retail” side of government — i.e. delivering public goods and services directly to citizens. After all, in a democracy a government’s customers are also its boss. Getting retail right

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Food and data – informed or overwhelmed?

The nature of modern life is that data is everywhere – visible and hidden, structured and unstructured. Data about food is no exception. From high-tech GPS-enabled tractors, to supermarket distribution and shopping loyalty cards, data is created and used all

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Retail Places – New Release for 2015

If you need a product that provides an accurate retail background to support your decision making, this is it. Retail Places covers over 20,000 areas across the UK and captures any retail parades where there are at least 3 units. 

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Open Supermarket Locations – now includes the Co-operative Group

Version 4 of open supermarkets is now available with the following notable additions to its predecessor: The Co-operative Group Makro Costco Tesco Homeplus Netto You might notice not all Co-ops are in this version of the database, about 900 are

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