Birmingham’s Rubbish

Birmingham City Council recently announced that they would be “opening up the council’s vast amounts of data, so members of the public can judge our performance.”

Their first offering is a “a dashboard that outlines how well each ward is doing on some key environmental measures: litter, fly-posting and graffiti.”. This is the form of an Excel spreadsheet with a red background for those wards failing the target and a green background for those that match or better it.

The dashboard can be seen at FWM-Dashboard-1-Feb-2016.xls. Interestingly, this is not in the Open Data section of the BCC website, but a Newsroom announcement. The last place I looked…

Data for the first three maps is for February 2016. Index of Multiple Deprivation is for October 2015.




Indices of Multiple Deprivation (Red to Green)