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How five data journalists exposed corruption in Mexico’s Congress

Knight International Media Innovators Specialized Reporting Investigative Reporting Business of Journalism Five young Mexican journalists spent a year sifting through thousands of public officials’ expense reports. James Breiner explains how they discovered gross misuse of taxpayer dollars.

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Whitehall Monitor 2015: the Coalition in 163 charts

The Whitehall Monitor is the Institute for Government’s data journalism project. Today, just a week before the final Spending Review settlements are revealed, we launched our third annual report, ‘The Coalition in 163 charts’. Gavin Freeguard highlighted some of these

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Openspending: from one district to an entire country

In 2013 the Open State Foundation started Openspending by releasing the finances of one of the districts of Amsterdam. This week our work resulted in the sustainable publication of financial open data of all Dutch regional and local governments. The

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Open data reveals less than 3% of government procurement spend goes to start-ups

From the Northern Powerhouse to central government IT, there have been calls for more public contracts to go to small start-up companies to drive innovation and economic growth. But new analysis by Spend Network, an open data business on the

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Open data at the local level can help to create a new eco-system of openness and activism

In 2010, the Government began pushing for local authorities in England to release information on public spending over a certain threshold – in this case £500. Ben Worthy argues that although reform is needed to maximise the potential of this

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We need to talk about transparency in Indigenous spending

In an earlier post I overviewed the progress being made in improving transparency in Commonwealth grants spending, exemplified (or so I thought) by the publication of the Indigenous Advancement Strategy grants data  at the Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet  website.

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Invite: honesty & transparency in politics chat

I have launched a site, OpenAus that focuses on political and financial transparency in Australia. Launch of my project coincides with the #choppergate scandal which has made the honesty and integrity of our politicians the focus of public discussion and

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Entitlements/Expenses data online, searchable and graphed

According to Transparency International: “Grand corruption consists of acts committed at a high level of government that distort policies or the central functioning of the state, enabling leaders to benefit at the expense of the public good. Petty corruption refers to

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Open data has major impact at the local level – new research

Michael Cañares, Open Data Lab Jakarta’s Regional Research Manager for Asia, writes on why his latest research as part of our Open Data in Developing Countries Phase 2 underlines the need for greater involvement of local governments in open data

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Cultural challenges slow federal open data efforts

The passage of the DATA Act last year brought with it a new set of mandates for government agencies to bring more of their spending data online, in a common format, to achieve a fuller picture of where public money

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