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Nominet’s IoT Tools: breaking down the silos

Today sees the Oxford Flood Network map going public. We’ve been working on this community-based project for over a year now and thought it was a good time to explain the technology that is behind it. Nominet’s IoT Tools When

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Data Linkage: Ethical and Social Concerns

Libby Bishop, Manager, Producer Relations: Research Ethics, at the UK Data Service updates us on the National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM) event Data Linkage: Ethical and Social Concerns. Not even a strike on the London Tube could deter the

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Scottish Parliament launches new Open Data Portal

The Scottish Parliament has launched a new Open Data portal to make parliamentary information easily accessible to the public. 60 datasets are already available (in XML and/or JSON formats), including motions, questions, answers and petitions. The portal also gives access to

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NASA’s New Data Portal

NASA recently announced the launch of a new data portal, hosting a data catalog of publicly available terrestrial and space-based datasets, APIs and data visualisations. NASA Data Portal NASA’s Open Innovation team has been established to meet government mandates to

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Is that a car park in your pocket?

My wife has a high bar for things that can genuinely be called useful. Bath: Hacked has finally managed to impress her. I love open data and bang on a lot about it – it’ll change the world, right? Unfortunately

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The Hampshire Hub Beta

This week sees the launch of The Hampshire Hub in beta. It’s an open, linked data platform which we’ve been helping Hampshire County Council and public service providers around the area to create. And, although there’s more to come on

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We made a city data store

Open data only works when it’s accessible, so which data platform do you choose? Having had some success getting our local council to open up some data and help us organise our first event for Bath: Hacked, it quickly became

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What is Bath: Hacked?

It looks like Bath has an open data initiative. Nobody is more shocked than me. A few weeks ago the open data group I got involved with held its first hack and despite my initial nerves, I’m delighted to say

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