Bath accident blackspots 1996-2013

Bath accident blackspots 1996-2013

My pal Mark spent a lot of time compiling data on road traffic accidents in Bath and turned it into this mesmerising timelapse map.

In not untypical developer fashion, he then plonked it on the Interweb, sent a tweet and pretended like it was something he knocked up over breakfast.

I was irritated. Not only is this clever and useful but it also highlights a pet peeve of mine: Good developers have no clue how to sell themselves and too much good work goes unseen.

Mark: I beat you to it and nicked your map. Here it is:

Doing open data work is hard and often unrewarding but is also incredibly important and people like Mark need a pat on the back. When you do clever things, for God’s sake shout about it.

This post is my subtle nag 😉

If you need to know more about this project, the data behind it and how it was made, Mark can be found lurking on Twitter as @azazell0

Update 29/06: Mark has responded to nagging and done a blog and screencast on how he made this map. It’s an excellent tutorial on using CartoDB to make interesting visualisations, especially for non-coders.

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