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Exclusive: Singapore is making open data a lot easier

New developers portal for real-time data launched. The post Exclusive: Singapore is making open data a lot easier appeared first on GovInsider.

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XOData Lets Developers Explore OData APIs Visually

programmableweb.com – Open data API exploration and visualization tool XOData aims to make it easier for developers to understand the resources, functions, and parameters available for extraction from datasets created i… Tweeted by @programmableweb https://twitter.com/programmableweb/status/639123177382248448

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Citadel: Turning Citizens into App Developers using Open Data provided by Cities

What is the best way to discover a new city? Following the recommendations of a guide? Reading a Wikitravel article? Watching a documentary? While I find these sources useful, I prefer to consult the people who know the city best:

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10 Challenges for Open Data

It has been six years since Tim Berners Lee called out for more raw data. A lot since then has happened, but critics often point out limited visible impacts and the lack of public awareness. So the question is, what

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GeoNext Hackfest launch

Tonight at Open Knowledge Melbourne we helped launch a 2 week open data hackfest leading up to the spatial conference GeoNext. The competition rewards the most innovative use of official competition APIs from Airbus Defence & Space, What 3 Words,

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Some of my many failures

I fail quite often. I have tons of ideas which seem like they might work and loads flop. Occasionally I do something that fails to fail and those are the ones people notice. I usually have fun and learn some

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Introducing .Stat Version 7 data browser for international data and more open OECD data

The UK Data Service is delighted to announce the latest version of its UKDS.Stat data browser for international data. David Rawnsley, Application Developer for international data talks us through the new features, explains some of the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff and the

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Do we want a Digital Government & a tech cluster in our Cities? The 3 essentials

Governments can do a lot, no doubt, we can have a long list of policies to implement and all of them are important, from tax policy to changing procurement. However, many times is important to reflect on the essentials. Are

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Do cities need one more hackathon?

These days apps4Europe (http://www.appsforeurope.eu) is ending. In the last 3 years apps4Europe tried to redefine the dynamic of hackathons making them more effective resulting in more and better apps putting into practice concepts such as the Business Lounge. This is

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You Use Open Data Every Day

You’ve done your hair, you’ve picked out the perfect outfit and you’re set on making a great first impression. How long have I got? What tube should I get? How soon is the next bus? You check the CityMapper app

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