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Why The UK’s Government Data Service Takes an API-First Approach To Data.Gov.UK

In a blog post that’s posted to data.gov.uk (where much of the UK government’s data is posted for public consumption), Ross Jones has published some incredible insights into why API-first is so important to the agencies ongoing endeavors.

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How Linked Data Solved A Digital Age Marketing Problem

Founder of Apiwise and 15-year veteran of the API space, Dimitri van Hees began his APIcon talk by putting this up on the screen: 0641011744. Is it a number? A registration number? A New Zealand phone number? Maybe a flight

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How to Take Advantage of Existing Linked Data Networks

programmableweb.com – There’s perhaps no hotter buzzword in our industry—and therefore no hotter hashtag—than big data. Not just big data, there’s open data versus proprietary data and then there’s Linked Data which mak… Tweeted by @BenHen75 https://twitter.com/BenHen75/status/656061804167188480

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Open PermID Provides Free Access to Thomson Reuters-Linked Data

Thomson Reuters, one of the world’s leading sources of intelligent information, has launched Open PermID, a set of APIs and tools that organizations can use to access Thomson Reuters’ massive core entity data set. Open PermID provides access to Thomson

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XOData Lets Developers Explore OData APIs Visually

programmableweb.com – Open data API exploration and visualization tool XOData aims to make it easier for developers to understand the resources, functions, and parameters available for extraction from datasets created i… Tweeted by @programmableweb https://twitter.com/programmableweb/status/639123177382248448

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Why Government APIs Are Essential To The US Economy

Data is playing an increasingly-prominent role in business as more records are made more easily available through open data portals and public APIs. Writing for DigitalGov back in April, Bill Brantley discussed the importance of government data to the US

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