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ODI summer showcase: Heathrow Air

We chat with Yodit Stanton, Founder and CEO of Open Sensors, about her ideas behind winning summer showcase project Heathrow Air, and what she has in store Heathrow Air will deploy air quality and noise sensors in gardens around Heathrow.

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‘When sensors and open data collide’

Yodit Stanton Welcoming @simontroup to @OpenSensorsIO. His first post ‘When sensors and open data collide’ http://t.co/G1erHCS5nq ★ So I’m new to IoT having spent my career trying to find meaning in econometric data (ouch). Given I started life as a

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Here at OpenSensors we are committed to making it as easy as possible to get started with your IOT projects. You can now have the ability to post messages through OpenSensors using HTTP-POST as well as MQTT. To post a

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You Use Open Data Every Day

You’ve done your hair, you’ve picked out the perfect outfit and you’re set on making a great first impression. How long have I got? What tube should I get? How soon is the next bus? You check the CityMapper app

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Closing the Loop Between Maker & Customer for Connected Devices

Onboard IoT hardware as easy as Kindle, at a fraction of the cost. Last month we released OpenSensors’ Search and Subscribe features. This IoT Day we’re pushing our latest development, Organisations, or Orgs for short. Orgs is a new feature

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Open and Transparent

It’s been an interesting few days in OpenSensors HQ. My fairly harmless comment about privacy and security for the Internet of things on Twitter turned into a fracas. A fairly prominent blogger and activist, Aral Balkan, took issue with our

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European Parliament Approves eCall Technology

European Parliament approves eCall connected car platform The Internet of Things threatens to revolutionise everyday life, embedding and imbuing everyday objects and the world around us with sensors, software and electronics. Through machine-to-machine communication, automation and advanced analytics, we are

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Measuring Air Quality on Opensensors

Measuring the air quality of the ODI using an Arduino and a Shinyei PPD-42 So, whilst thinking of a good demonstration for the Opensensors platform, we thought why not see how polluted our workplace is by hooking up a sensor

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Search Has Landed

There’s a lot of data out there. We’re doing our best to help you discover it. With the latest release of OpenSensors, users are now able to search the OpenSensors database of thousands of real-time public Open Data feeds and

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OwnTracks Journey – Part One

Today we’re going to look at using the OwnTracks app within the OpenSensors platform. ‘OwnTracks’ (formerly MQTTitude) allows you to keep track of your connected devices location. The app is open-source and uses open protocols for secure and private communications.

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