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Top questions from our Meetups

Over the past week I’ve been lucky enough to meet AppChallenge community members in Manchester and London at our #EULife Meetup series. It was great to meet people who are passionate about open data. I wish we had been able

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Ralph Cochrane – Meet the Founder of AppChallenge

In this short interview Ralph Cochrane explains what AppChallenge do and why the #EULife AppChallenge is important. A passionate supporter of Open Data, Ralph has been crowdsourcing innovation for aid agencies, governments and brands since 2007. He’s probably the only

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Video: Louise Corti from the UK Data Service

Louise Corti is our UK Data Service supervisor for the #EULife AppChallenge. She’s a data science expert and an Associate Director at the UK Data Service. We asked her why Open Data was so important for the future of the

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the State of The Union – #EUlife

The last few months have seen a huge amount of discussion on the future of the European Union with events in Greece putting views in sharp focus. In the UK citizens will have a chance to make their views known 

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£15,000 #EULife AppChallenge opens up new data on European Quality of Life

Having spent the past couple of years working with the incredibly talented participants of the Open Data Challenge Series I was delighted to be asked to help judge the new #EULife AppChallenge. Europe, and how we feel about it, is

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Meet the #EULife team: John Shepherdson

John Shepherdson leads the UK Data Service technical infrastructure team. They are responsible for running the servers that provide the first UK Data Service Open Data API which is the foundation of the #EULife AppChallenge. We talk to him about

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#EULife App Challenge Update: A lesson in change management

Ralph Cochrane of AppChallenge.net gives and update on the ESRC Innovation Fund project focused on opening more UK Data Service data through the #EULife AppChallenge: We’re live! It feels like a long time since we started this project, unsure of

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How to access the open data video tutorial

We’re trying to make our #EULife AppChallenge developer contest as easy to enter as possible so we’ve created some open data video tutorials. In this video we show you how to register and get your API Key for the UK

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#EULife App Challenge is Live!

UK Data Service announces £15,000 #EULife Open Data AppChallenge London: The UK Data Service and AppChallenge.net announce the launch of a developer contest using open data about the Quality of Life of European citizens. With a prize fund of £15,000

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Download Career Advisor App for free

We’re making the Career Advisor App by Tomasz Florczak available for download, free of charge. Available only for Android, the app uses open data from LMI for All (Labour Market Information) to compare careers based on geographical area. It’s a

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