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Top questions from our Meetups

Over the past week I’ve been lucky enough to meet AppChallenge community members in Manchester and London at our #EULife Meetup series. It was great to meet people who are passionate about open data. I wish we had been able

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ArcheoFOSS: free/open source software and archaeological research, ten years later

Another batch of videos from CAA– this time on a subject near and dear to my heart: In 2006, when the first “Italian workshop on free/open source software and open formats in the archaeological research process” took place at the

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Data Lab Link Roundup: python pivot tables, Hypothesis for testing, data mining algorithms in plain english and more…

  The effect of time of day on mood via the Jawbone Blog Here are some things that caught our attention last week: There’s a consultation draft of the International Open Data Charter up for… consultation. It outlines a set

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Do we want a Digital Government & a tech cluster in our Cities? The 3 essentials

Governments can do a lot, no doubt, we can have a long list of policies to implement and all of them are important, from tax policy to changing procurement. However, many times is important to reflect on the essentials. Are

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Tutorial 3: How to Install Python

Python is a popular programming language that makes it easier to interrogate and read data. The results are similar to a “report” format so it’s popular with data scientists. It also comes pre-installed with many operating systems e.g. Mac OSX.

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Tutorial 4: Building a Python #EULife App

In this tutorial Philipp Rustemeier shows how to build an #EULife Python app that accesses the European Quality of Life Survey via the UK Data Service Open Data API. In later tutorials we show how to plot the results on

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Tutorial 6: Part II : Charting #EULife with Python

If you followed Tutorial 5  you will, by now, have a Python app that queries the UK Data Service Open Data API and followed Philipp Rustemeier creating some charts and graphs using the data. In this tutorial we cover analysing the

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How to Create a Map with Open Data: The Ultimate Map of French Cheese

This week, OpenDataSoft has cooked something special. After studying the Council of Paris, French trains’ Open Data, Gender Equality in Europe and the state of Open Data in 2014, OpenDataSoft continues its Open Data Weekly series to show you how

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