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Questioning Big Data: Crowdsourcing crisis data towards an inclusive humanitarian response

The aim of this paper is to critically explore whether crowdsourced Big Data enables an inclusive humanitarian response at times of crisis. We argue that all data, including Big Data, are socially constructed artefacts that reflect the contexts and processes

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International Open Data Case Study: Nepal earthquake

[Printable PDF version] Open Data’s role in Nepal’s earthquake Who: OpenStreetMap & Kathmandu Living Labs What: A crowd-sourced open data & open data source response to the Nepal earthquake Where: https://opensource.com/life/16/6/open-source-open-data-nepal-earthquake Why: Rapidly increasing the impact and speed of disaster

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Crowd2Map Tanzania

“Crowd2Map Tanzania is a new crowdsourcing initiative aimed at creating a comprehensive map ofTanzania, including detailed depictions of all of its villages, roads and public resources (such as schools, shops, offices etc.) in OpenStreetMap and/or Google Maps, both of which are sadly

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What is a smart city?

How can data, technology and smart infrastructure be used to future-proof our cities? What’s the role of citizens in shaping their design and development? Find out about all this and more by registering for our Free Online Course!   It’s

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Dealing with Data 2015 – Presentations now available

On the 31st August, over one hundred researchers from across the breadth of the University of Edinburgh met together in the Informatics Forum to discuss the challenges of dealing with the research data. Following-on from the 2014 conference of the

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Good stuff, continued

This is a slightly edited version of a post originally published on DATA.GOV.UK In my previous post I argued that a combination of ‘chance’ and open data can lead to good stuff happening. I supplied a few examples, and also

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Can the crowd deliver more open government?

Marie Sansom  at GovernmentNews: “…Crowdsourcing and policy making was the subject of a lecture by visiting academic Dr Tanja Aitamurto at Victoria’s Swinburne University of Technology earlier this month. Dr Aitamurto wrote “Crowdsourcing for Democracy: New Era in Policy-Making” and

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Govt Invites You To Participate In ‘Digitizing India’ & Earn Money

Originally Published On Factly | Author: Rakesh Dubbudu Digitization of government records is an age old problem plaguing the governments. While most departments at both the central & state level have spent thousands of crores on digitization, substantial number of

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Ralph Cochrane – Meet the Founder of AppChallenge

In this short interview Ralph Cochrane explains what AppChallenge do and why the #EULife AppChallenge is important. A passionate supporter of Open Data, Ralph has been crowdsourcing innovation for aid agencies, governments and brands since 2007. He’s probably the only

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Hampshire’s Changing Landscape – How can Crowdsourcing Help?

Hampshire is changing The changing face of our landscape is something that affects us all; the loss of hedgerows, rapid expansion of urban areas or erosion of our coastlines to highlight just a few crucial issues. Some of the more serious

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