Why The UK’s Government Data Service Takes an API-First Approach To Data.Gov.UK

In a blog post that’s posted to data.gov.uk (where much of the UK government’s data is posted for public consumption), Ross Jones has published some incredible insights into why API-first is so important to the agencies ongoing endeavors.

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Making data a public asset through infrastructure

Government has always run on data. It drives internal operations, public-facing services and informs policy. Over time, an ecosystem of applications and technologies which store, manage, and access that data has developed. It includes spreadsheets, published PDFs, large databases, and

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Unlocking open data: can we fix the Data.gov.uk request process?

Post: 10 October 2015 The current data request process on Data.gov.uk was launched in late September 2012 with a blog post from Heather Savory, then chair of the Open Data User Group. To see where we are today take a look

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Good stuff, continued

This is a slightly edited version of a post originally published on DATA.GOV.UK In my previous post I argued that a combination of ‘chance’ and open data can lead to good stuff happening. I supplied a few examples, and also

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Open Data is Powerful, and the Government Knows It

As an American living and working in Shanghai, I’ve come to appreciate any kind of device or service (VPN, Skype calls home, etc.) that allows me to access information from outside my immediate reality. On a grander scale, however, is

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Who is using all this government open data?

As politicians promise more and more open data to solve our problems, there is one big gap in our understanding: who is really using it? By their very nature users of open data are hard to track down. Looking at

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Putting Open at the Heart of the Digital Age

Introduction I’m Rufus Pollock. In 2004 I founded a non-profit called Open Knowledge The mission we set ourselves was to open up all public interest information – and see it used to create insight that drives change. What sort of

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Four challenges for the future of Open Data

A new blog post, “Four challenges for the future of Open Data”, by ODUG member Giuseppe Sollazzo has been published on data.gov.uk: http://data.gov.uk/blog/four-challenges-future-open-data

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Turning raw FOI data into usable information

Public authorities are now required to release data in a standard format – and this should make it easier to use The government is releasing ever more data for public use, routinely through data.gov.uk and in response to Freedom of

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