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Open Data: The Business

I keep intending to write this up as a ‘proper’ post, but haven’t had time, so here’s a quick-and-dirty effort instead: It’s two whole weeks since Christopher Gutteridge and I were interviewed by Xan Phillips on his radio show: The Business on 103.9

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Minecraft players given free rein to build up, tear down Ottawa

Thanks to the city’s open data, Minecraft players can now interact with a Lego-like version of Canada’s capital.

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Software to Build Minecraft Towns From Open Data

A brilliant individual has developed software that lets you make Minecraft towns from open data. “‘To create the model I had to painstakingly measure everything from maps and aerial photography and do my best to guess the height of the

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Glasgow Minecraft model

In January 2013, BGS made the central Glasgow model and released it to a network of interested people called the ASK (Accessing Subsurface Knowledge) network. The model gives other agencies, such as engineers and construction companies, a broad idea of

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Good stuff, continued

This is a slightly edited version of a post originally published on DATA.GOV.UK In my previous post I argued that a combination of ‘chance’ and open data can lead to good stuff happening. I supplied a few examples, and also

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Citizen Engagement: Hacking Cities With Minecraft

This post about building citizen engagement looks at two topics which don’t generally get the lion’s share of attention in civic hacking — youth and gaming. Minecraft is a video game that many young people enjoy. In “Hacking Cities With

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Minecraft and Geospatial: Get Your Data Noticed (Infographic)

Why do we keep mentioning Minecraft? What is it, and why is everyone—from kids to geo professionals—using it? Though the game of Minecraft is a simple concept, it holds unparalleled abilities to generate public interest and get important data shared

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Minecraft Ventnor: If you know a Minecraft fan, this will blow their minds

We know it sounds like click-bait, but this really is amazing! Someone’s built the whole of Ventnor Seafront out of life-sized 1m blocks, in Minecraft.

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BGS communications dashboard for July 2015

Here is a round up of metrics for July 2015. For all social media, the item shown is the most popular this month. Press release 3D geological models in Minecraft. Following on from the scale model of Great Britain, BGS

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Some of my many failures

I fail quite often. I have tons of ideas which seem like they might work and loads flop. Occasionally I do something that fails to fail and those are the ones people notice. I usually have fun and learn some

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