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Open Data Internship: The Winchester Expedition

Friday saw the first real world test of the data gathering tool. Surprisingly, it didn’t crash, erase any of the gathered data or otherwise combust spectacularly. I’m almost dissapointed. Instead, Ch…

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Open Data: The Business

I keep intending to write this up as a ‘proper’ post, but haven’t had time, so here’s a quick-and-dirty effort instead: It’s two whole weeks since Christopher Gutteridge and I were interviewed by Xan Phillips on his radio show: The Business on 103.9

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Open Data Camp 2

Last weekend we went to UK Open Data Camp 2 in Manchester. This is an unconference so you don’t know quite what you’re going to get and it was indeed a mixed bag. The very first session I attended was

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Good stuff, continued

This is a slightly edited version of a post originally published on DATA.GOV.UK In my previous post I argued that a combination of ‘chance’ and open data can lead to good stuff happening. I supplied a few examples, and also

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Where did ODI Hampshire come from?

The ODI has been running a global network of open data nodes for almost two years, but what does ODI Hampshire bring to the table? There are really two answers to this question. Hampshire is truly a great area for

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Southampton to help make public data available to every European resident

The University of Southampton is to help develop, launch and operate a single pan-European Open Data Portal, which will bring together public data resources from all over Europe.

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What would an independent Scotland mean for UK open data?

  British Isles Euler diagram [CC0 by TWCarlson, via Wikipedia] I’m posing the question because it looks like a reality we may all be dealing with very soon. My preference would be for Scotland to vote no to leaving the

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