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What Works Cities: Using open data to improve outcomes for people and communities

Originally from Indiana, Eric has spent his career working and partnering with organizations around the world to improve public sector performance. Before coming to GovEx, Eric worked on public education initiatives as a Fulbright Grantee in South Korea and at

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Are UN member states ready to unleash a digital revolution to achieve the SDGs?

This September, world leaders will ratify the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), an agenda to “transform our world” by 2030. After months of wrangling, the final SDGs text, which will go to the UN General Assembly for ratification, has just

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The future of the world’s population in 4 charts

Last week, the UN released updated population figures and projections. I just had a chance to go through them and the great key findings document (PDF, 1MB) that accompanies them. But before I dive in, how accurate are these projections?

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Engaging more data actors in the Philippines for disaster response

Whenever there is an emergency in the Philippines, various organisations and institutions organise themselves into emergency clusters and working groups to increase the effectiveness of the response. One of the crucial elements of disaster response is information management. In various emergency contexts,

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Discussion: Open Data and people – How do they work together?

The event is being organised by ‘people before pixels’ – a group dedicated to putting people first when designing public sector services. More information about the event, including details of how to register for free, can be found by clicking here.

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Mayors Report Innovation Challenges at City Innovate Summit

San Francisco jump-started its inaugural City Innovate Summit on June 17 with an international group of mayors and city officials showcasing their latest initiatives and strategies to solve vexing civic challenges. San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee laid the groundwork for

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Re: the problem with open data is open data people

In response to: the problem with open data is open data people I agree and think this is a problem in tech in general but focusing on open data, it doesn’t have the cachet of big data. With big data, you

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#PdDigital15 – conversation and collaboration

People Driven Digital Health and Wellbeing #PdDigital15 seemed like a long way away for a very long time. Then all of a sudden it was very near and there was ever such a lot to do to make it happen…

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What Is Crowdsourcing?

Search the term “what is crowdsourcing” and Google will immediately cough up the following definition: “[To] obtain (information or input into a particular task or project) by enlisting the services of a number of people, either paid or unpaid, typically via

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