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Open Data Scotland (6th and 7th November 2015) — Team Advocate

Open Data Scotland (6th and 7th November 2015) — Team Advocate We’re one of the teams who took part in Open Data Scotland’s Saturday workshop. Much of the conversation throughout the Open Data Scotland event raised the same issue — how do you empower

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Open Data Scotland (6th and 7th November) — Team Data

Open Data Scotland (6th and 7th November) — Team Data This blog post has been compiled by the team, I’m just the publisher! Have you ever analysed data without full knowledge of all of the original data sources and how they mesh

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Open Data Scotland (6th and 7th November 2015)

This was the first open data event of its kind in Scotland, combining speakers, lightning talks, an Expo and workshop sessions, and attracted 85 people over the two days, coming from around Scotland. This blog post focuses on particular moments

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Creating A Buzz Around Open Data

When I presented at #Opendatascotland in Edinburgh on Friday 6th Nov 2015, my topic was “Creating a buzzaround #opendata”. At the conclusion, I asked attendees what they would do to keep the buzz going in their workplace and community, and

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Visualising Open Data — Quick view of Edinburgh Allotments

It was the night before the Open Data Scotland event in Edinburgh and I was looking to put together a simple demo of how Tirami can take… Continue reading on Medium »

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Open Data for Scotland

We all know the future has data at its centre, and that we need to uncover and recognise the value of our data to take full advantage of its potential – whether internally, externally or strategically. How many of us

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The rebirth of Britain’s inner cities, mapped

Demographics Britain Liverpool city centre. Image: Open Street Map. In 1999, the Richard Rogers’ landmark Urban Task Force report set the agenda for inner-city densification and brownfield regeneration in the UK. Since then, we’ve seen significant economic and demographic change in the

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Top 5 Ways Open Data Is Changing Lives

We’ve scoured the news for the most spectacular ways open data is transforming the world right now. Here are our top five picks — do you agree? Tell us your ideas. Giving the World’s Crisis Workers Vital Information “How many

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Dealing with Data 2015 – Call For Papers

Date:                     Monday 31 August 2015, 9:30 – 16:00 (lunch provided) Location:             Informatics Forum, University of Edinburgh Themes: Data creation, including non-traditional data types Data analysis Data visualisation Data security Working with sensitive data Archiving and sharing data, including preservation,

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open.ed report

Lorna M. Campbell, a Digital Education Manager with EDINA and the University of Edinburgh, writes about the ideas shared and discussed at the open.ed event this week.   Earlier this week I was invited by Ewan Klein and Melissa Highton to speak

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