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Open data “not a substitute for freedom of information”, says Scottish info commissioner

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Glasgow turns to smart lights, apps and Uber-style services to evolve as smart city

Scottish city embraces IoT and open data

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Our first week as a Node of the ODI

Last week we were delighted to hear the announcement that Code The City have been approved as a node of the Open Data Institute (ODI). Some more places to look for #OpenData inspiration says @watty62 #opendatascotland pic.twitter.com/VvOx2uSyFL — OpenData-Aha! (@OpenDataAha)

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Visualising Open Data — Quick view of Edinburgh Allotments

It was the night before the Open Data Scotland event in Edinburgh and I was looking to put together a simple demo of how Tirami can take… Continue reading on Medium »

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Open Data for Scotland – Learn, Experiment, Create

During day one, lightning talks and break-out sessions will ignite the discussion around themes and challenges (health, energy, transport, etc.). For the rest of the weekend, participants will be given the opportunity to design solutions for these challenges by working with suitable data.

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Open Data for Scotland

We all know the future has data at its centre, and that we need to uncover and recognise the value of our data to take full advantage of its potential – whether internally, externally or strategically. How many of us

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Scotland released an open data resource pack

The Scottish government has published an open data resource pack aimed at helping all local public authorities to implement their own open data plan. This resource pack has been developed to support the Open Data Strategy of Scotland.   Under

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Scotland gives open data a push

The Scottish Government has provided a further boost for the public sector’s provision of open data with the release of a resource pack to support the effort. It follows the publication of an Open Data Strategy in February, which is aimed at

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Opening up our data

We’re seeking to open up the data behind Scottish Official Statistics. By making the data easier to use and access we hope that people will use it in innovative ways to generate new insights, and greater impact of data and

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A Scotland-wide FOI search facility?

Updated (*) 17/1014 2 new bullet points at the end. At the first Code The City event, held in Aberdeen in June 2014, one of the projects which was worked on for the weekend was the setting up of a

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