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Open Data Scotland (6th and 7th November 2015) — Team Advocate

Open Data Scotland (6th and 7th November 2015) — Team Advocate We’re one of the teams who took part in Open Data Scotland’s Saturday workshop. Much of the conversation throughout the Open Data Scotland event raised the same issue — how do you empower

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Open Data Scotland (6th and 7th November) — Team Data

Open Data Scotland (6th and 7th November) — Team Data This blog post has been compiled by the team, I’m just the publisher! Have you ever analysed data without full knowledge of all of the original data sources and how they mesh

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Open Data Scotland (6th and 7th November 2015)

This was the first open data event of its kind in Scotland, combining speakers, lightning talks, an Expo and workshop sessions, and attracted 85 people over the two days, coming from around Scotland. This blog post focuses on particular moments

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Our first week as a Node of the ODI

Last week we were delighted to hear the announcement that Code The City have been approved as a node of the Open Data Institute (ODI). Some more places to look for #OpenData inspiration says @watty62 #opendatascotland pic.twitter.com/VvOx2uSyFL — OpenData-Aha! (@OpenDataAha)

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Open Data for Scotland – Learn, Experiment, Create

During day one, lightning talks and break-out sessions will ignite the discussion around themes and challenges (health, energy, transport, etc.). For the rest of the weekend, participants will be given the opportunity to design solutions for these challenges by working with suitable data.

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Open Data for Scotland

We all know the future has data at its centre, and that we need to uncover and recognise the value of our data to take full advantage of its potential – whether internally, externally or strategically. How many of us

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‘Building Things with Local Government Data’ – David Morrison’s talk at OKFN Edinburgh

This July, code fellow David Morrison gave a lightning talk at the Edinburgh Open Knowledge Foundation Meetup, kindly hosted by the Scottish Parliament. You can find out about the other speakers at the OKFN Scotland blog. Anyway, here he is

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OKFestival 2014 Reflections

During our visit to Berlin to catch up with other Code for Europe fellows we decided to hang on for a few days and attend the Open Knowledge Festival. Oh, if you’re not familiar with the organisation behind the event,

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Getting started with CKAN

As I’ve written about before, one of the main tasks the code fellows will be doing is setting up open data platforms. We’ve seen what can be achieved at the national level with data.gov and data.gov.uk which are both powered

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Making the data look pretty

We now have the data, time to do something pretty with it. As part of my Code for Europe project, I have setup a proof of concept Open311 server on Heroku that provides a subset of the data that we intend

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