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Making Police Data Open: Use of Force & Complaints in Context

Last year, Indianapolis Police Department officers working the middle shift in the Eastern District received at least twice as many… Continue reading on Medium »

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This Week in Civic Tech: Indianapolis PD Opens Use-of-Force Data, Machine Learning Leaps Forward

This Week in Civic Tech presents a line up of notable events in the space that connects citizens to government services. Topics cover latest startups, hackathons, open data initiatives and other influencers. Check back each week for updates. Indianapolis PD Opens

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Cause of Death: Melanin | Evaluating Death by Police Data

(This article was first published on Econometrics by Simulation, and kindly contributed to R-bloggers) Widespread attention towards the death of black men by police has sparked protests and public outrage in many a city. Recently, the Federal Government has launched

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Indianapolis launches open data portal for police incidents

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is now releasing data on officer encounters in a new open data portal. (Wikimedia Commons) In a bid to build trust among its citizens, Indianapolis announced it released information about potentially controversial police incidents in a new open

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The Ripple Effect of the Police Open Data Initiative (ODI)

Late last year, President Obama launched the Task Force on 21st Century Policing, an effort that’s aimed at improving law enforcement and community relations across the U.S. In response to recommendat…

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SA Police Reduce Costs Through Proactive Open Data

Freedom of information access comes at a cost. In 2011-12 financial year the estimated costs of administering the Freedom of Information Act 1991 (SA) was reported to be $10.4 million (The Hon I.K.Hunter- Hansard 16/10/14). Records indicate 85% of Freedom of

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Hampton Police Division launches open data project

HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) – The Hampton Police Division unveiled its open data portal Friday afternoon. The Hampton Division says it will now upload information to its website through an open data portal sponsored by the White House. Citizens will have

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Atlanta Police Launch New Crime Data Portal

The Atlanta Police Department has launched a new crime data portal. The portal is part of the city’s response to President Barack Obama’s 21st Century Policing Initiative. With the launch, Atlanta joins a growing list of cities that are providing

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California’s Justice System Numbers Show a Big Problem When It Comes to Race

VICE News is closely watching policing in America. Check out the Officer Involved blog here. California made public a trove of data on Wednesday that shows striking racial imbalances in the state’s justice system, particularly regarding disproportionate rates of black people being

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Where Police Don’t Mirror Communities and Why It Matters

For years, the Irving, Texas, Police Department has worked to become more diverse. Recruiters have traveled to predominately black and Latino colleges across the state, attended cultural events and forged relationships with high schools to pitch students on law enforcement

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