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Waiting for the Arrival of the Open Data Killer Application

Author: Martín Álvarez-Espinar Martin Alvarez-Espinar, Engineer in Computer Science, is the Manager at the W3C Spanish Office. He has broad experience in Web standards development. Martín has worked as eGovernment consultant at CTIC since 2007, specialized in the Open Government

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Glasgow turns to smart lights, apps and Uber-style services to evolve as smart city

Scottish city embraces IoT and open data

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Lessons Learned from Developing a Data Product

(This article was first published on DataScience+, and kindly contributed to R-bloggers) For an assignment I was asked to develop a visual ‘data product’ that informed decisions on video game ratings taking as an indicator their ranking on the MetaCritic

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5 days, 3 projects – An amazing week in local Open Data

It’s been an incredible week for open data projects in Bath and North East Somerset. Three amazing pieces of work shipped and we are so excited that we’ve just had to tell everyone about it. In no particular order, this

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120+ CKAN Portals in the Palm of Your Hand. Via the Open Data Companion (ODC)

CKAN is a powerful open-source data portal platform which provides out-of-the-box tools that allow data producers to make data easily accessible and reusable by everyone. Making CKAN as Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) has been a key factor in

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Through Open Data, Taxis Can Be a Platform for Innovation

Hans Riemer Hans is an at-large member of the Montgomery County (Md.) Council. September 23, 2015 TDM TAKEAWAY Standardized, open data feeds for taxis can provide more options for riders and foster better competition with ride-hailing companies. There’s no denying

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Can Census data make for smarter startups?

Thinking about starting a small business?  The Census Bureau has an app for that. The Bureau on Sept. 9 unveiled Census Business Builder: Small Business Edition — a web-based tool to help entrepreneurs and small business owners leverage local demographic

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Open Data Companion (ODC) – Bringing Open Data to the Mobile Platform

As software developers, we are always looking for data to solve a problem or address a shortcoming. It’s just how we’re wired. So, you heard of open data [1], and now you’re excited to go exploring and get the open

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Give me location data, and I shall move the world

A gemobile revolution is coming. Image sourced from Shutterstock.com Behind the success of the new wave of location based mobile apps taking hold around the world is digital mapping. Location data is core to popular ride-sharing services such as Uber

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Share It (Data) And They Will Come: Crowdsourced Citywide IoT Network

Cities are rapidly becoming the very visible and innovative laboratories for IoT innovation, which is logical, because they’ve been in the forefront of open data. I saw this first-hand consulting for Vivek Kundra, CTO for the District of Columbia, when

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