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Freedom of information and open government data communities could benefit from closer collaboration

Silvana Fumega, PhD researcher and independent consultant, writes on the relationship between the Freedom of Information (FOI) and the Open Government Data (OGD) communities as part of our second phase of  Open Data in Developing Countries research. Download the full

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We all need a personal API in an age of Spotify privacy policies

SUMMARY: Fancy becoming a person of no fixed identity languishing in prison for breach of copyright? Then it’s time you thought about a personal API to protect yourself, argues Chris Middleton. Where’s your identity? Last week I sat in on

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Open Data: Privacy & Security

Civic hackers and open data are children of public-spirited and trusting Gen Xers in the same way that personal computers, open source software and the Internet were the children of altruistic and ingenuous Baby Boomers. Unfortunately, altruistic and trusting children

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Can big databases be kept both anonymous and useful?

The Economist: “….The anonymisation of a data record typically means the removal from it of personally identifiable information. Names, obviously. But also phone numbers, addresses and various intimate details like dates of birth. Such a record is then deemed safe

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Secrecy in the Sunshine Era: The promises and failures of U.S. open government laws

Publication date: July 2015Source:Government Information Quarterly, Volume 32, Issue 3 Author(s): Dana Jackson-Hardwick

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Are UN member states ready to unleash a digital revolution to achieve the SDGs?

This September, world leaders will ratify the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), an agenda to “transform our world” by 2030. After months of wrangling, the final SDGs text, which will go to the UN General Assembly for ratification, has just

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Comment: Addresses are part of Ireland’s national data infrastructure

ODI Associate Peter Wells shares his thoughts on why putting the right data infrastructure in place will help Ireland’s new postcode system, Eircode, meet Ireland’s needs in the future Addresses are a core and fundamental asset for any country. CC

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Data released for transparency does not make it open

Below is my comment to Sean Vitka’s piece “How to protect privacy when releasing open data” on the Sunlight Foundation website here. === Hi Sean, I’m sorry but the anecdote you start from breaks the consistency of your entire post,

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Civic Awesome: Open Data in the News for the Week of July 27, 2015

Zippy apps and festive hackathons take a backseat this week, as the serious work of privacy mitigation and transparency in legislation get a leg up, and the people express their right to neighborhood crime data. Plus: NASA brings the world

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Avoiding prejudice in data-based decisions

Image credit: Pixabay user PIX1861 It’s important to know the potential problems of releasing individual-level data that can arise from bad data management practices, as well as the practices we can implement to lessen the likelihood of individual harm. At the same

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