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This new tool lets you map Manchester’s new future housing and construction sites

Manchester Mapping Politics No, not this map. Image: Manchester, as it appears on Open Street Map. Everyone loves an interactive map – including, it turns out, the nice people at Manchester’s councils. We’ve written before about Greater Manchester Combined Authority’s

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A Step-by-Step Guide to the 2011 Indian Census: Its Successes, Failures and Questions

This post is the third post in our Decoding Open Data series. The foundation of this series is our slideshare, which examines the open dataset and provides key insights and analytics about the 2011 Census.  Decoding Open Data: 2011 Indian Census

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Air Quality, Housing and Manchester

Posts about Manchester are few are far between on this blog and for good reason – its relationship to tech for transparency in Africa is tangential at best. Yet the annual Open Data Institute (ODI) Summit, which was held last

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Guest post: Understanding housing stock, needs and costs with open data

ODI Member Visceral Business calls on housing groups to share insights by making data open for policymakers, investors and tenants alike to help solve the housing crisis This year’s Connected Housing Study calls for open data to help deliver smarter

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The Smart Map Using Open Data to Prevent Fire Tragedies

The single most important tool for preventing fire deaths, unsurprisingly, is a smoke alarm, but an estimated 4.5 million of the 130 million housing units across the United States do not have one. Enigma, a New York based startup, is

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Getting There: Australian Politician Housing Expense Data, Part 2

We’re following the money down under, via the conduit of expenses-plotting spreadsheets flowing our way via the Guardian‘s and its piece on the spending activity of Australian politicians. Having spent last week counting the beans doled out for politicians’ flight

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What We Can Learn from the First Internet of Things City

As cities across the globe continue to struggle with issues related to skyrocketing populations, they should pay close attention to what Intel is doing in Dublin. Before construction has been completed, most new housing developments feature a model home to

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The Shared Economy, Disaggregated Data And Other #GoodReads from Living Cities Staff

Living Cities has been working to dramatically improve the lives of low-income people in America’s cities for close to 25 years now. Our diverse portfolio gives us a unique vantage point to identify trends and accelerate the uptake of promising

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Open Data for Housing

  Next to food and clothing, the Declaration of Human Rights lists housing as the third fundamental need for any human being. The current supply of housing in the UK does not met the demand as a result of limited

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