Housing providers

Housing providers

There are more than 70 providers who own and manage social housing across the Cambridge sub-region.

These include Cambridge City Homes and South Cambridgeshire District Council housing who are the two councils who have retained management of council housing. The other five districts transferred council housing to a housing association partner, known as the stock transfer landlord. These are:Map showing number of housing providers

  • Sanctuary in East Cambridgeshire
  • Roddons in Fenland
  • Luminus in Huntingdonshire
  • Kings Forest in Forest Heath
  • Havebury in St Edmundsbury

In addition, other housing associations, almshouse trusts and housing providers who are registered with the Homes and Communities Agency, own and manage homes across the sub-region. Some own very small numbers of homes and focus on particular locations – others have large number of homes across the whole area.

The list on this page gives links to the websites of all housing providers who own and/or manage homes in our area. If you are interested in one district only, please click here to see individual lists for Cambridge, East Cambridgeshire, Fenland, Forest Heath, Huntingdonshire, South Cambridgeshire and St Edmundsbury.

If you visit Cambridgeshire Insight Open Data you can find an introduction to the data here and a downloadable dataset here. This includes details of each provider and the number and type of homes they own and manage.

The list of providers (excluding the two council housing providers) comes from the Homes and Communities Agency, the data being gathered from providers in April 2014, then checked and published by the HCA in September 2014. The web addresses have been added locally. As provider names and stock numbers may change in course of the year, this list wil be reviewed and updated when the HCA re-publishes each September.

The source data for the 2014 list can be found at https://www.gov.uk/government/statistics/statistical-data-return-2013-to-2014.