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“Does your data flow like petrol in an engine?” in Swirrl’s Blog

At our recent Data-Driven Decisions event Steve Peters, DCLG’s Open Data Strategist, spoke about his vision for getting data to stick; for… Continue reading on Swirrl’s Blog »

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Personalized governing: Understanding and empowering residents with the help of data analytics

The ever-growing volume of information created in today’s digital world opens up new opportunities for governments. Both local and federal government organizations can use data to learn more about their residents and collaborate with them to address community issues. Such

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Officials Talk Data, Performance Measures for Better Government

There is a widely circulated dream within the halls of local governments everywhere: Let the data do the driving. In this ideal system, cost savings and efficiencies coexists with cohesive programs and better decision-making abilities, and the public is satisfied

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Australian Government Public Data Policy Statement

As part of the National Innovation and Science Agenda, the Australian Government has today released its Public Data Policy Statement. This formalises the Government’s commitment to open data and data-driven innovation. Access to and use of the data that is

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Taking steps towards a data-driven citizenry

Government efficiencies are something we can often be quite critical about. We’re all quick to complain and share our opinions on how to improve transport, housing affordability or alternatives to lock-out laws. However, the main complaints are usually based around

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Data Driven Press Releases From HSCIC Data – Diabetes Prescribing

By chance, I saw a tweet from the HSCIC yesterday announcing Prescribing for Diabetes, England – 2005/06 to 2014/15′ http://bit.ly/1J3h0g8 #hscicstats. The data comes via a couple of spreadsheets, broken down at the CCG level. As an experiment, I thought

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Getting youth excited about data

At the end of July, the GovLab Academy finished delivering in Washington, DC, two sessions of the US Department of Agriculture’s first Open Data Summer Camp for middle and high school students. The experience was, by all accounts, highly successful.

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Irish Open Data Wishlist – Ireland falling behind its Open Data promises and international best practice

This post follows up on a public request made to the government to open up high impact public data sets for the benefit of Ireland’s citizens and economy on April 14th, 2014. The ‘Open Data Wishlist’ of high impact data

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Becoming a Data Driven Organisation: Cordaid Becomes Latest Member of IATI

Recently, the Dutch NGO Cordaid became a member of IATI, the latest step in a long-standing commitment to transparency and open data. Cordaid have been publishing data to the IATI Standard since 2013, and last year launched an Open Data

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Open Singularity – Civil Service Innovation Challenge

This morning I came across this Civil Service Innovation Challenge that offers the opportunity to win a trip to California to undertake the Singularity University ‘Executive Program’. Singularity University is a slightly odd Silicon Valley corporate learning start-up with some

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