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Poor Data Affects Africa’s Ability To Make The Right Policy Decisions

African policy makers are increasingly called on to use evidence-based research to inform development decisions. But this requires the rigorous collection of data as well as a coordinated system to disseminate it. This is why Kenya-based African Population Health Research

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Personalized governing: Understanding and empowering residents with the help of data analytics

The ever-growing volume of information created in today’s digital world opens up new opportunities for governments. Both local and federal government organizations can use data to learn more about their residents and collaborate with them to address community issues. Such

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TransparencyCamp Europe comes to Amsterdam

Developers, government officials, journalists and activists from all over Europe will shine their light on EU decision making and open government as TransparencyCamp Europe comes to Amsterdam. Today, Open State Foundation together with the Dutch Presidency of the Council of

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Closing the Evidence Gap

This post complements the First Tranche year-end posts about what to look forward to in year four of the AidData HESN award, delving deeper into the questions of country-level data use. Every day, governments, development partners, and civil society leaders

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Tunisia Presents its Open Budget Project: MIZANIATOUNA (Our Budget)

The Tunisian revolution has spawned a butterfly effect, very specific to its context. On the ground, events have continued to evolve, contributing to a revolution within the Tunisian administration. As a result, the foundation has now been laid for an

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Using Data as a policy maker – Part 1

This is the first in a series of posts about an event: Using Data as a policy maker, which was held in Winchester, in November 2015. Using data for policy – Aha! Wearing my ‘Open Data Aha!‘ hat*, I teamed

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Officials Talk Data, Performance Measures for Better Government

There is a widely circulated dream within the halls of local governments everywhere: Let the data do the driving. In this ideal system, cost savings and efficiencies coexists with cohesive programs and better decision-making abilities, and the public is satisfied

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Taking steps towards a data-driven citizenry

Government efficiencies are something we can often be quite critical about. We’re all quick to complain and share our opinions on how to improve transport, housing affordability or alternatives to lock-out laws. However, the main complaints are usually based around

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How USAID built open data into its mission

A new CIO Council case study looks at the U.S. Agency for International Development’s integration of open data into its mission.

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