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Going Back to Your Routes: NYC Bus Data

There are more expedient ways for getting around New York than on its buses, but if you like the slow, scenic route – provided you know what you’re looking at – the deal isn’t half bad. And nowadays the data

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NYC clarifies open data policies

Five measures will make the city’s open data portal’s store of information more accessible.

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How New York City Is Using Big Data To Serve Its Residents

City government works better when the people running it can anticipate problems and when the residents it serves know what’s happening in their neighborhoods. For years, New York City has been using predictive data analytics to save lives and taxpayer dollars. A

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Open Data is Transforming How We Think of the Big Apple

A data scientist’s blog is revealing some statistics about New York City that are making people question how great “The City so Nice, They Named it Twice,” really is. There was a time when data creat…

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The Smart Map Using Open Data to Prevent Fire Tragedies

The single most important tool for preventing fire deaths, unsurprisingly, is a smoke alarm, but an estimated 4.5 million of the 130 million housing units across the United States do not have one. Eni…

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Hacking the Hacks, Part 2: A Week’s Worth of New York Taxi Rides

I said it before, and I’m going to have to say it again. I closed last week’s installment on the data for fare activity between January 1 and 7 of New York’s green cab armada with a reminder (largely to

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Hacking the Hacks, Part 1: A Week’s Worth of New York Taxi Rides

Please understand the pun. If you don’t, you’ll have to indulge my word-playing nod at the slang for cab driver, apparently inspired by the Hackney horse, a London equine precursor to motorized livery. Etymology aside, the New York Open Data

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Boston, New York City craft new open data policies

(iStockphoto) New York City and Boston may be bitter rivals on the baseball diamond, but they’re peas in a pod when it comes to open data initiatives. Both released new open data policies last month, and the cities’ IT staffers

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The Key Ingredient in Stop-and-Frisk Reform: Open Data

Earlier this month, the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts sued the Boston Police Department, demanding that they turn over recent years’ data on police stops to address concerns that people of color are being overpoliced in the city. “It’s

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Open Data Leaves Open Questions: Exploring Uber’s Impact on NYC Traffic

Open Data Leaves Open Questions: Exploring Uber’s Impact on NYC Traffic Earlier this month, something new and exciting happened: the Taxi and Limousine Commission (T.L.C.) released data on every cab ride taken in the past year and a half. Besides

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