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Boston, New York City craft new open data policies

(iStockphoto) New York City and Boston may be bitter rivals on the baseball diamond, but they’re peas in a pod when it comes to open data initiatives. Both released new open data policies last month, and the cities’ IT staffers

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Boston builds on open data initiatives

The new Open and Protected Data Policy accelerates the city’s open data and transparency plans and expands its open data portal. The city of Boston continues its push towards open data and government transparency with the mayor’s announcement of an

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Emerging Tech Roundup: Curt Savoie on the Future of Open Data

Once again, we’re excited to bring you the Emerging Tech Roundup, a new podcast series launched in partnership with Boston-based Blue Hill Research. Each month, my co-host James Haight and I will be joined by industry experts and thought leaders shaping the future

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Boston, San Francisco Expand Open Data Policies

Boston and San Francisco have both announced expansions to how city government will approach open data. In an announcement made late last week, Boston Mayor Martin Walsh unveiled a new open data policy that will expand the data sets available

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Boston Releases Open and Protected Data Policy

Open data starts with governance. That’s why Boston Mayor Martin Walsh announced a new open data policy on July 30. The policy, called the Open and Protected Data Policy, encourages city agencies to publish data sets on the city’s open

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Crowdsourcing Prediction

Cities around the country are finding new ways to use their administrative data. But data is all around us, and cities can gain significant insights by forming strategic data partnerships and tapping into the knowledge of the online crowd. This

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From raw Yelp reviews to a model of hygiene violations (in 3 easy steps)

We were so excited about our new civic innovation competition we couldn’t help but get started ourselves! The goal for this competition is to use data from Yelp restaurant reviews to narrow the search for health code violations in Boston.

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Help cities keep it fresh

Cities across the United States are capitalizing on big data. Predictive policing is becoming a prominent tool for public safety in many cities. In Boston, an algorithm helps determine “problem properties” where the city can target interventions. In Chicago, they

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