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Inagural meeting of the Open Data Governance Board IReland

Front: Emer Coleman (Chair) Minister Brendan Howlin, Sandra Collins Back: (Left to Right) Cronan McNamara, Dennis Jennings, DietrichRebholz, Suzanne Duke, Ashling Cunningham, Denis Parfenov, Daithi Mac Sithigh I was delighted to chair the inaugural meeting of the Open Data Governance

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Open data governance in a big data context: Evidence from the case of oceanography

Abstract: Organizing for big data and open data, in our highly digitized world, is a necessity. Extant literature focuses on open collaboration in the context of business ecosystems and science. However, little attention has been paid to the kind of

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Boston Releases Open and Protected Data Policy

Open data starts with governance. That’s why Boston Mayor Martin Walsh announced a new open data policy on July 30. The policy, called the Open and Protected Data Policy, encourages city agencies to publish data sets on the city’s open

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From Ideas to Implementation: 3 Ways to Ensure that Citizens Have Access to Information

Good urban governance begins with open access to information. São Paulo, Brazil offers a number of lessons for making data accessible and encouraging public participation. (Photo: Gabi Sakamoto / Flickr) How do we make cities work for people? As a

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Sane Governance in the Digital City

This post has been created automatically from a feed, and was originally published at: http://www.sustainablecitiescollective.com/klaus-philipsen/1063276/governance-digital-city-adjunct-todays-webinar-smart-cities “There is a canyon dividing people who understand technology and people charged with addressing the world’s toughest [..] issues, and no one has built a bridge”(Cohen/Schmidt:

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Abstract Currently with the rapid evolution of technology, the whole world especially the developed countriesbenefit from his contributions and benefits to improve public services and to better serve closer and moreeffective citizens. The governance system is oriented towards the integration

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Open Data and Improving Governance: issues of measurement

I was speaking at the Institute for International Economic Policy this afternoon at George Washington University at a conference on “Known-Knowns and Unknowns about the Internet: Measuring the Economic, Social, and Governance Impact of the Web“. The input I offered,

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Web Observatories: The Governance Dimensions

Governance & Sustainability for a Web Observatory I’m in a workshop at MIT today about plans to create a ‘Web Observatory’, collecting and curating vast quantities of data from across the web for research – in part to ensure that

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