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Currently with the rapid evolution of technology, the whole world especially the developed countriesbenefit from his contributions and benefits to improve public services and to better serve closer and moreeffective citizens. The governance system is oriented towards the integration of high technology that isbecoming more and more essential even for countries developing as Madagascar. Over the last decade,significant progress has been made on a broad range of initiatives to increase access to the integration of ICT in Madagascar. The National Agency for the Implementation of E-governance or ANRE is there since2007 to insure the implementation of the National Program for E-Governance (PNEG). We can conceive,it can lead us to the establishment of
“e-land system”. The main objective of e-land is to improving the quality, availability and accessibility of land record to public. This system e-land may conduct us graduallyto open data. Nevertheless, it is conditioned by the computerization of land records that must be availableto the public. Open data is indispensable by ensuring transparency and accountability, enhancing publictrust and participation and improving the effectiveness of governance process.

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