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What is data asymmetry?

You’ve just parked your car. Google Maps offers to record your current location so you can find where you parked your car. It also lets you note how much parking time you have available. Sharing this data allows Google Maps to provide you

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Hey Fitbit, my data belong to me!

(This article was first published on Data Until I Die!, and kindly contributed to R-bloggers) When you go on Fitbit’s website and want to download your own Fitbit data, you will find your way to their Data Export utility on

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Open Data – How Far Do We Go?

Technology has now woven itself in to our daily lives to such an extent that we cannot imagine how we ever lived without its features and relevant products as we do today. At the heart of this huge technological transition

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Boston Releases Open and Protected Data Policy

Open data starts with governance. That’s why Boston Mayor Martin Walsh announced a new open data policy on July 30. The policy, called the Open and Protected Data Policy, encourages city agencies to publish data sets on the city’s open

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