Which GP surgeries will be most under pressure by 2020?

It’s difficult to predict what services will be like in the future. People move around, there’s an ageing population, and all sorts of other changes might affect the shape and performance of individual services.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try, however, and GP Pressure Map – created by Leo Valberg and Nick Allott of Nquiringminds – attempts to show which areas in Hampshire will see increases in demand for GP services between now and 2020.

Screenshot from GP Pressure Map (click to launch)
Screenshot from GP Pressure Map (click to launch)

The interactive map lets you search for a place (in Hampshire), see information about surgeries, and the estimated number of people visiting GPs for every year up to 2020. Those surgeries most under pressure are highlighted on the map.

Screenshot from GP Pressure Map
Screenshot from GP Pressure Map, showing number of visits and patients for an individual GP surgery

Using open data to help make sense of the world

GP Pressure Map has been possible, because forward-thinking organisations have opened up some of their data, enabling others – like Nquiringminds – with technical skills to do something useful with the data.

As featured by the BBC

The BBC picked up on the story in April 2015 and you can listen / watch the interviews below.

BBC Radio interview with Dr Nick Allott:

BBC TV interview

The (more technical) back story

If you’re interested in how GP Pressure Map it was done, Leo has written about it in his blog post Back story: the data journey in the production of the GP pressure map.