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We need to open up GP data

We’ve been working on a prototype that asks users to tell us the GP practice they are registered with. We’ve prototyped pages like this before. Even though it wasn’t “real”, participants filled in the fields as if it was. We

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Open data portal launches to shed light on drug prescriptions

There has been a significant increase in the amount of open healthcare data in recent years, and one of the more interesting projects is undoubtedly Open Prescribing. The venture, which is headed by Ben Goldacre, was developed by researchers at

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Writing Each Row of a Spreadsheet as a Press Release?

A few days ago, I saw via the @HSCICOpenData Twitter feed that an annually released dataset on Written Complaints in the NHS”> has just been published. The data comes in the form of a couple of spreadsheets in which each

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NI Open Data – Mining Prescription Data Part 2. – #opendata #spark #clojure

The Story So Far…. You can read part 1 here. A few weeks ago I started on finding out which were the most popular items that a GP practice would prescribe. Once again I turned to Sparkling and Clojure to

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Care.data director Tim Kelsey: the mastermind behind the NHS GP data project

Despite plaudits for his entrepreneurship and work on open data, top NHS official Kelsey is a divisive and controversial figure   By Charlotte Jee | Computerworld UK | Published 15:30, 03 August 15 If you’ve been in the UK for

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NI Open Data – Mining Prescription Data – #opendata #spark #clojure

Moving On From The NI Assembly There was plenty of scope from the NI Assembly blog posts I did last time (you can read part 1 and part 2 for the background). While I received a lot of messages with

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Which GP surgeries will be most under pressure by 2020?

It’s difficult to predict what services will be like in the future. People move around, there’s an ageing population, and all sorts of other changes might affect the shape and performance of individual services. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try, however,

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Open Data for Policy Making and Strategic Investment: GP Surgeries

Strategic decision making using integrated city data: predicting GP pressure points in Hampshire Southampton, February 2015: NquiringMinds, a technology company at the University of Southampton Science Park in Chilworth has looked at the pressure on GP surgeries across Hampshire and

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