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Eye on Earth Summit: Data Supply

Original post by: Elizabeth Tyson, Eye on Earth Summit 2015 Official Blogger Software systems are divided into two parts, the front end and the back end, to help identify issues, put a complex system into boxes and to simplify maintenance. Back

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3 Ways Open Data Can Help Forests

This article originally appeared on Insights, World Resources Institute. The open data movement—the idea that certain data should be freely available to everyone—can drive innovation, make government and corporate activities more transparent and improve decision-making about natural resources. Global Forest

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Open data businesses – an oxymoron or a new model?

Building a business based on open data may seem counterintuitive, but new models are emerging with greater frequency and demonstrating how to integrate open data into a business operation in a useful and profitable manner. Identifying the type of open

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Analyzing Landsat Data with Treasure Data and Amazon S3

As a data scientist (or would-be dabbler), you’ll want to get a handle on pulling data from open data from public sources. More and more, those sources can be found in Amazon S3 buckets.   Treasure Data now offers a connector

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Powering Landsat Power Tools

Amazon Web Services just opened Landsat on AWS, a publicly available archive of Landsat 8 imagery hosted on their reliable and accessible infrastructure. This investment by the AWS open data team has a big impact on our work to make

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