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A data storyteller: a line of code that makes data narrate stories

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How To Build A Business From Open Data, Part 2

In the previous post we discussed ways in which data can be categorized by the amount of value that is added to it. This was an important… Continue reading on Medium »

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10 Big Data Use Cases Everyone Must Read

What do you think of when you think of “big data”? For many, it’s a nebulous term that invokes images of huge server farms humming away. Or perhaps you think of receiving some kind of personalized advertisement from a retailer.

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More than 570 new datasets added to Community Insight & Local Insight

What better way to celebrate World Statistics Day than with the largest ever addition of data to Community Insight and Local Insight. Today we have added over 570 new indicators to Community Insight and Local Insight, giving our users access

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How Satellites Can Help Us Understand Global Poverty

Algorithms identify farm land in Sri Lanka (in red) to analyze the agricultural productivity in the region—a possible indicator of economic development. (Orbital Insight) Citizen surveys are the most comprehensive means available to track poverty, but they aren’t perfect. They

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Open Data is Transforming How We Think of the Big Apple

A data scientist’s blog is revealing some statistics about New York City that are making people question how great “The City so Nice, They Named it Twice,” really is. There was a time when data creat…

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Three reasons to open up data to business users

No one denies the ability of big data (both structured and unstructured) to deliver insights to individuals, businesses and public service organizations. But who is responsible for making sense of the data, then providing the insights? You would be forgiven

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Open Data Standard For Building Permits Launches

A consortium of technology companies including Accela and Civic Insight, have released a new open data standard for buildings and permits. The standard is designed to collect and provide consistent data points city to city as builders work through the

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