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10 Big Data Use Cases Everyone Must Read

What do you think of when you think of “big data”? For many, it’s a nebulous term that invokes images of huge server farms humming away. Or perhaps you think of receiving some kind of personalized advertisement from a retailer.

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Habits and open data: Helping students develop a theory of scientific mind

(This article was originally published at BayesFactor: Software for Bayesian inference, and syndicated at StatsBlogs.) This post is related to my open science talk with Candice Morey at Psychonomics 2015 in Chicago; also read Candice’s new post on the pragmatics:

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Who’s afraid of Open Data

Cartoon by John R. McKiernan, downloaded from: http://whyopenresearch.org/gallery.html I was at a small conference last year, catching up on gossip over drinks, and somehow the topic moved on to journals, and the pros and cons of publishing in different outlets.

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Royal Society of Chemistry and Royal Society launch journal collaboration

PUBLISHING NEWS 18 August 2015 Tweet The Royal Society of Chemistry and the Royal Society have jointly announced a collaboration on the Royal Society’s multidisciplinary open access journal Royal Society Open Science. The Royal Society of Chemistry will manage the

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Open science: sharing our clean water breakthrough data with all scientists

It’s been a month since Nature Nanotechnology published our Computing for Clean Water paper online, detailing how water flow through carbon nanotubes can be dramatically accelerated, potentially improving access to clean water for millions of people. This week, the print

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Great Lakes of Data: More with Pat Soranno on the challenges of data-integration in ecology

Ecology data in the 21st Century: multiscaled, and with “big” potential At GigaScience we are always promoting and finding new ways to foster open data, open science and reproducibility. Our broad scope covers the entire spectrum of life and biomedical

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‘Open Source, Open Science’ meeting report – March 2015

Open Science has emerged into the mainstream, primarily due to concerted efforts from various individuals, institutions, and initiatives. This small, focused gathering brought together several of those community leaders.  The purpose of the meeting was to define common goals, discuss

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Episode #22 – Arfon Smith – GitHub, Open Science and Academic Culture Change

In this episode, I talk with Arfon Smith of GitHub.com. At GitHub, Arfon promotes academic engagement in open source code and open science. Prior to working at GitHub, Arfon worked in a number of positions where he supported a changing infrastructure for the scientific process, built

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