More than 570 new datasets added to Community Insight & Local Insight


What better way to celebrate World Statistics Day than with the largest ever addition of data to Community Insight and Local Insight.

Today we have added over 570 new indicators to Community Insight and Local Insight, giving our users access to even more information to better understand the communities they work in. We are so pleased to launch this in conjunction with World Statistics Day, a perfect opportunity to showcase and celebrate the power of data in making informed decisions that impact (and ultimately improve) people’s

The new additions to the datasets on Community Insight & Local Insight not only give a more robust picture of the communities that users work in, but also opens up the tool to a wider audience within individual organisations.

We have included new data to give a more detailed picture of neighbourhoods in terms of education, health, access to services and the strength of the local economy. Additional Census breakdowns enable users to explore the demographics of local communities in more detail and provide valuable information to better target projects and programmes.

Indices of Deprivation 2015 data was uploaded into Community Insight and Local Insight the day after its release. Now with the addition of extended Indices of Deprivation 2010 data (including all domains and sub-domains) users can start to make comparisons of changes in relative deprivation levels over time for their local communities.

Happy World Statistics Day – may it be filled with data, analysis and perhaps a celebratory slice of cake (because when is cake not a good idea!).


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