One FoI request, 175 million taxi trips

One FoI request, 175 million taxi trips

In March 2014, the NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission shared an infographic about yellow taxis on the road in New York

Chris Whong – an open data advocate – replied “Is the raw data available so that everyone can do this kind of analysis?”. The data hadn’t previously been released, but it just took a Freedom of Information request, and a couple of days later, Chris had data on 175,000,000 taxi trips. The full story is in the video, and there are links to more information below (based on the description which accompanied the video on You Tube).

For the first time in the TLC history, data scientists, civic hackers, graphic designers, analysts, government policymakers, statistics hobbyists, and taxi drivers gathered to discover solutions to the taxi gap, which is estimated to miss out on about 11,000 rides daily.

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Thanks to Owen Boswarva for sharing the original story on Twitter